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A’ Design Award and Competition – Late Registration Open Now!

a_design_award_competition_late_registration_2014.jpg This sponsored post is brought to you by A’ Design Award and Competition. It’s getting near final countdown time for entering this year’s A’ Design Award & Competition. For the winners, there’s a lot on tap: international recognition, formidable networking and business opportunities, and an impressive array of resources to help pull you to the top of your game, are all part of the A’Design Award winner’s package. For a taste of the action, here are a few MOCO picks from last year’s Platinum winners…


The Ring House & Atelier by Marwan Zgheib

Platinum A’ Design Award Winner in Architecture, Building and Structure Design Circle embraces the square in this home and atelier, located within the garden of the family estate, for a young jewelry designer in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. See all A’ Design Award Winners 2013.


Kyoto Silk Retail Shop by Keiichi Hayashi

Platinum A’ Design Award Winner in Interior Space and Exhibition Design Old wood is reinforced with new steel in this conversion of a Kyoto Machiya, a traditional Japanese wooden townhouse, into a modern retail boutique.


Dhyana Armchair by Salvatore Guzzo

Platinum A’ Design Award Winner in Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design Sleek conventional seating turns into a meditation pod by accommodating a cross-legged lotus position, with a simple setting of the headrest.


Shenzhen Universiade Sports Center Outdoor Lighting by Conceptlicht Gmbh

Platinum A’ Design Award Winner in Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Large-scale sports complex lighting meticulously complements the architecture and the landscape; in regular operation, the stadium shines brightly at dusk and slowly fades as the night unfolds.


The Float Real Estate Agency by Kris Lin

Platinum A’ Design Award Winner in Architecture, Building and Structure Design A real estate business in a visually uninspiring area of Xiamen, China, creates its own landscape by rising above what surrounds it.


The Booklight Lighting by Kahyun Kim

Platinum A’ Design Award Winner in Lighting Products and Lighting Projects Design Lighting for a library, this rechargeable lamp is turned on by pulling out, just like a book from a shelf.


For more information: What is A’ Awards?


Entering the A’ Awards competition is efficient and straightforward, with all the details and support you need available right there online: A’ Awards Registration.

The final late-registration deadline is February 28, 2014. Results will be officially announced on April 15, 2014 (and covered right here on MOCO LOCO!).

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